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Unidentified Movie DVD
Retail Price: $14.99
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Unidentified - DVD

Released in 2006 by Five & Two Pictures
in association with Christiano Film Group

A Texas man states that he was abducted by a UFO while driving home on a back road one night and two reporters from Both Sides Magazine are sent to investigate. When the man is unwilling to discuss the incident with the reporters, the curiosity of the editor is raised and he decides to further check into the situation. What transpires is a quest for the truth regarding UFO's and their spiritual implication in today's world.

  • Cast: Jonathan Aube, Josh Adamson, Michael Blain-Rozgay
    Jenna Bailey, Lance Zitron, Rebecca St. James
  • Producers: Rich Christiano, Alvin Mount
  • Writer-Director: Rich Christiano
  • 85 Minutes, Drama, Closed Captioned
  • Extra features: Two documentaries, Spanish Language
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