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Redemption of the Heart Movie DVD
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Redemption of the Heart - DVD

Released in 2015 by RLT Pictures

Alex is a man with a troubled past but also a man with a background in the Christian faith. Influenced by his bad friends, he gets caught up in a scheme to swindle churches by posing as a missionary. The success of this deception allows Alex to live the good life but it doesn't do anything to take away the pain of his past or bring peace inside. He meets a woman, then another man, both Christians, who begin to affect Alex in a soul searching way. This movie has emotion and presents the reality of a man trying to get his life right and the inner struggles to do so. It also has a very good visual example of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 that puts life in proper perspective.

  • Cast: Crister De Leon, Melissa Dixon
  • Writers, Producers, Directors: Isaac Meeks, Sandon Yahn
  • 96 Minutes, Drama
  • Licensed for home use.
  • Guide to public use and group showings

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